Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Good evening all....I have decided that I am going to start my own blog and keep That Craft Place Challenge Blog purely for that! I now need your help!!!

To attract some new followers and to make some new crafty friends, I have decided to offer some blog candy as a prize.

All I ask is that you follow me,  and put me on your sidebar with a pic of the candy!

A comment on twitter or share on FB would be really kind too....

The blog candy closes on the last day of February, so grab yourself some gorgeous candy!!! Thank you all and happy crafting xxxxx


Joanna King (aka Asia K) said...

Lovely blog candy - thank you! Added to my side bar and posted on twitter and fb! xx

okienurse said...

Thanks for becoming a follower today! I decided that since you only had 7 I would come and make it 8. I only had 6-8 followers for over a year then for some reason this past year I started getting more followers. It makes it fun and the blog candy I posted on WOYWW post is the first I have ever done. I will post your candy on my side bar. Good luck getting followers. I love the crafty cat! What is his/her name?
Vickie aka okienurse

Jaki Morris said...

I would love to win but I have no idea how to put you blog candy on my side bar!!


Nikki said...

Such sweet candy I've linked you up and will follow you too
hugs Nikki

That Craft Place Ltd said...

Thanks Vickie!!!!
The crafty cat is called Poppy, mainly referred to as pops.
She is so cute, if a tad stupid and not at all streetwise. But adorable nonetheless!
Thanks so much for becoming number 8 and posting the candy on your sidebar!!!!!
Lisa xxxx

That Craft Place Ltd said...

Hi Jaki!
If you right click on the candy and save it to your desktop.
Go into blogger and onto your dashbord. Under the tab design you need to click on add a gadget in your side bar and one of the options is to add a picture and link.
I am doing this from memory as if I try and do it step by step I keep losing my post to you!!!
But hope this helps somewhat!
Lisa xxx

Sherry Edwards said...

Good luck with your new blog.

I'm now following you and have linked your blog candy from my sidebar.

Thanks for the chance :)

karen said...

I became a follower ...and not just for the candy but because I like your blog :) Linked you up too!
Good luck with your shop move!
xoxo Karen

Bhawana said...

Already your follower :). I like it :) do visit me