Thursday, 12 December 2013

Golden Redhead Colouring Tutorial

Good evening everyone!
As part of the ADU Design Team I have been asked to create some colouring tutorials.
I thought this time I would concentrate on the decidedly difficult blonde hair. I know we all have a limited palette of colours available to us so here is a tutorial which covers blonde and a variation on a "redhead".
Here I started with a new ADU image that was created for my gorgeous daughter.  She has two cuddly toys, "Winnie" and "Tony" and you can see them cuddled tighly in her arms.  A massive thank you to the wonderful Artist, Wendy Burns.

I always start with a minium of 3 pens.
Here ae my choices:

I start with the lightest colour first, and build up my colour.
It's easier to add colour than it is to take it away!
 I apply the next colour over the top of the first, starting at the ends, heading into the centre, but leaving a little white area which will become the highlight/shine.
 Continue adding colour.
 You can see I am using less of the darker colours and not colouring as far as the previous colour.
 Go back over the whole image with the lighter colour to give a seamless blend.
 Here is my gorgeous girl, completed.
I hope you can see the amazing shine on the hair.  
Lisa xxxxx


Erin Stewart said...

Another fab tutorial from you. I love the colour combination and how cute is that image? xx

Mary J said...

I love this!