Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Creative Blog Hop

Creative Blog Hop
I was asked to take part in the Creative Bloggers hop by the wonderful Erin Sparkles Fairclough.
Its a continuous hop that will be every monday with lots of amazing and talented crafters. 
So here are the questions 
1, What am i working on ?
Now thats the million dollar question.
I am working on tons of things.
I have 2 projects on the go at the shop, which are an altered egg house, and a chopping board with drawer underneath.
At home I am working on my new digi releases, Sugar and Spice, and Betty Boots.
Oh and I am working on some drawings to cut out on my laser cutter, oh and designing some stamps!
Other than that I working on decorating, moving shops and designing adverts for magazines!
Sometimes though, I just love to pick up my pens for
the sake of picking up my pens. I enjoy nothing more than
sitting in bed with the tv on, pens and an image on my lap,
and just enjoying colouring.

2 , How does my work differ from others in my genre ? 
I think the only difference is that because I have a shop, I have to showcase many different styles, to show people how to use products to their full potential.
This means I regularly have to work outside of my comfort zone!

3, Why do i create what i do 
I have always been associated with paper so it was inevitable paper would feature in my career.
My dad was in the print,(not newspapers), record sleeves, magazines etc and he had his own business.
The paper he used was HUGE!! and me and my brother used to go to his work and jump all over the piles stacked up in the warehouse.  The smell I can still remember.
My dad used to bring me home all the paper offcuts for me to draw with and I used to, even when I was little, zentangle, spirograph, draw and colour. My favourite Christmas present was always the big pack of felt tips with fabulous colour ranges.
I got into crafting properly when I first met Danny and fell pregnant.  I suffered terrible morning sickness that lasted all day so decided to find a hobby to take my mind off of it.
Soon I had enough to fill a shop.
So that is exactly what I did.
The rest is history....

4 , How does your creative process work 

lol anyone who knows me knows I don't really have a "process".

Im a kinda fly by the seat of your pants crafter.

Inspiration is normally found under pressure, like when I have 

some magazine work to do, or I have a commission, a DT

project to complete or

its my mum or dads birthday!!!

Now I

I now can pick 3 wonderful bloggers for next week

I met Lorraine through my DT Call and grabbed her straight away.
She is such a lovely person, very gentle and I 
adore her work.
Always have.  
I have seen her crafting go from fab to
just incredible!

Now this lady I have only recently met and spoken to on
the phone only once.
However she is lovely, and I warmed to her immediately.
She has a beautiful crafting style and I cant wait to
find out more about her xxxx

I met Tracy through blogland.
Tracy I love. She has a good soul.
She looks out for me
and is there if I need any help.

So this is me i hope you enjoyed my contribution to the

Blog hop and now its the girls turn next week

 Hugs and Kisses 




Vivienne Holden said...

Oh how lovely to learn about your love of paper and all things associated with it Lisa! A really lovely read. I'm with you on the 'flying by the seats of your pants method of creating'! LOL
Thanks for the insight! xxx

Tracy said...

Aww thanks Mrs :) I love ya too xxx

Lorraine said...

Thanks lovely lady...luffs ya lots too xxx
Huge Hugz, Lorraine xx